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Integrated Liquid Logistics Solution

Tank Container Operations-offers complete logistics solutions to meet the local, regional and international distribution requirements of the chemical and petrochemical industry We operate tanks ranging from T11 to T50 and capacities from 12,000 -35,000 liters. The highlight of our Chemical Logistics services is the availability of an enormously knowledgeable and talented technical team, round the clock. With our years of experience, we can provide consultancy services and emergency response agency services to international ISO Tank Operators / Leasing Companies.

Companies & Domestic carriage of ISO tank

  • Management of ISO tanks owned by shippers
  • Storage and distribution of chemicals through depots
  • Liquid Logistics Consultancy services

Tank Management
In addition, we manage a number of tank-containers for third parties and customers on their behalf. Our company manages and arranges the logistics of customer-owned tanks.